Connect your entire institution to deliver on mission

Enhance experiences for students, faculty, and staff to build for the future


Delivery seamless experiences to achieve success. Connect departments, increase collaboration, and secure your campus through digital transformation. Do it all through one connected platform.

Connect your entire institution to deliver on mission

Drive campus-wide connection in a scalable way.

Enchance Student Experiences

Make it easier for students to get the support they need, how they need it. Anticipate requests and use digital workflows to personalize journeys.

Increase overall engagement

HBS eliminates siloed, manual propcesses.

Empowered staff member

Columbia university eliminates siloed, manual propcesses.
Why clients work with us

Get the most out of your investment ​

Most enterprises pay enormous fees every year only to reap a fraction of the value that ServiceNow could offer. But there’s so much you can do with it, you don’t even know where to begin.

At HGC, we know how to bend ServiceNow™ to your will, so you can customize it and use it - and unlock true value from it.

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We step in and pick up what needs to be done

When a key team member who’s in charge of ServiceNow™ leaves your organization, it’s like you’re stranded in a desert - because they’ve taken all their ServiceNow™ knowledge with them.

Think of us as your on-call ServiceNow™ SWAT team. We can step in to pick up wherever they’ve left off and keep on pushing you forward with ServiceNow™.

We care about you. Really.

Some vendors only care about winning you as a company and will vanish before the ink has dried on their contract. Or will deliver half-baked solutions by outsourced teams for a fraction of what they’re charging you.

At HGC, all our team members are on-shore - not off-shore. And your account manager is available for you to email or call, every day of the week. Because we believe you should get the highest level of service, and the highest quality of work, always.

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